Go for tantra!

Tantric training to bring love and bliss in your couple!
Open yourself! Open your hart!
Follow the messages and guidelines of your soul and spirit!
Physical and sexual intimacy is a great way to fuel complicity within the couple. It is a space to be cultivated as a way to stay connected to the heart and maintain a deep connection that feeds desire.

Tantra is a powerful process of awakening and connection to oneself and the other through the activation of sexual energy. It offers a way to find harmony, balance and happiness.


The meeting becomes a dance where heart, body and emotions evolve harmoniously. Energy yin – the feminine – and energy yang – the masculine – unite for a physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

These workshops are an invitation to:

– awaken your internal consciousness;
– connect deeply to yourself to connect with the other;
– letting go and surrendering in confidence to the meeting;
– align the masculine and feminine energies;
– activate vital energy, sexual energy;
– use the body and its sensual and ecstatic potential;
– strengthen the bond of love.

To a spiritual path to sacred sexuality, each workshop offers breathing exercises in mindfulness, Osho’s meditation, dance, tantric yoga and massage … that promote a quality of caring presence to oneself and to the other and strengthen the bond of love.
You can follow each workshop separately or together. Each workshop has its new practices to guide you further in the Sacred Sexuality.

Open to women and men, couples and singles (18 years old and over). There is no sexual intercourses during these workshops.

Date et lieu

The venue (South East of Brussels!) will be specified later according to the number of participants. However, the number of places is limited.

To choose: Sunday April 28, June 30, September 22, December 1st 2019 from 10:00 am till 05:30 pm


Véronique Callewaert


Marcel de Reuver
Massage Therapist
Tantra Tao sexotherapist

Conditions et inscription 

120 euros by people and by day (100 euros by people and by day if registration to the 4 workshops). Registration will be confirmed after receiving the deposit of 50% total fee price.

In case of registration and payment of the deposit, the balance remains due, to the extent that the place is reserved, regardless of attendance at the workshop; The balance is to be paid on the day of the workshop. The deposit (minus the administrative costs of 20 euros) will be refunded only if the cancellation is announced by email or post, no later than 20 working days before the workshop. After this limit, the deposit is not refunded and the balance is to paid. In case of cancellation of the workshop by the trainer, the deposit is fully refunded.